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Welcome to the Skylar app, your gateway to seamless security solutions right at your fingertips! Just as Skylar Security stands as a beacon of trust and excellence in the industry, our app embodies the same dedication to your safety and peace of mind.

With the Skylar app, you're empowered with the latest in security technology, designed to cater to your unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, our intuitive interface puts you in control, giving you access to top-notch security features with just a tap.

From real-time monitoring to personalized alerts and notifications, the Skylar app ensures that you're always connected to your security network, no matter where you are. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, we've redefined what it means to feel safe and protected in today's fast-paced world.

Experience the Skylar difference today and discover why the next generation of small to medium sized guard company owners trust our app to safeguard what matters most. Because at Skylar, security isn't just a service — it's a promise of peace of mind. Welcome to a new era of security with the Skylar app.

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My Story

With over eight years of experience in law enforcement and strong business acumen, Jamine Moton is highly regarded for her unrivaled innovation, premium vendor network, service-first culture, and highly trained, industry leading private security team. Moton, former Metro Atlanta Police Sargent, is the Founder & CEO of Skylar Security, a boutique-style security guard company based in Atlanta, GA, with groundbreaking worldwide technology applications.


Before launching Skylar Security, Moton researched and studied the industry for three years. Her findings revealed abuse of authority, dishonest business practices, poor opinions of security companies and security workers, below-average wages, and the lack of quality control. Moton began to build technology that addressed the problems while regulating the infrastructure of her new endeavor. Today, Skylar Security employs 150 highly trained professionals who deliver the security and compliance outcomes needed, so clients can focus on what the business does best. 

Whether in a high-risk or high-conflict area or for day-to-day operations, Moton is changing how industry business is done by putting purpose and people above profit. She committed to always pay above-average wages and developed a referral-only policy as a personal guarantee and recruiting strategy to ensure 100% of all security team members are referred to her from reputable sources.

And because Moton values ownership, she empowers her highly-trained professionals as leaders with business owner acumen – teaching them to own the learning process as an opportunity to sharpen their interpersonal skills and strengthen the client-provider relationship. As a result of these innovations, Skylar Security has never lost a client during its six years of operation, and the company has a boastful turnover rate of 2%. Moton lives by the motto that "security is an emotion; everybody deserves to be safe." Her biggest business accomplishment to date is providing security services for the Super Bowl LIII games in 2019, including protecting the Mercedes Benz Stadium and the Georgia World Congress Center. Moton received high accolades from Super Bowl administrators for Skylar Security's superior standard of conduct and service.


Moton's long-standing vision is at the cusp of single handling, changing how security entities engage with businesses in Atlanta and worldwide During the COVID-19 pandemic, Skylar Security achieved revenue records with an unprecedented 800% growth in 12 months. Moton's passion for improving the efficiency of the security industry has allowed her to attend international conferences representing small businesses, win national awards, and implement innovative technology for the industry as a whole.


In 2019, she earned the Golden Ticket in the Atlanta-based WEI pitch competition and represented the City of Atlanta and business start-ups in the U.S. at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague, Netherlands. Moton has demonstrated her ability to compete and achieve success as a seven-time Hall of Fame track and field athlete and Olympic team member. She holds an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Education and a Master's in Human Resource Development with a minor in Business from Clemson University. She is also a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Atlanta-based Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative, and LaunchPad 2X.


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